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With over 30 years’ experience delivering reliable packaging solutions for food manufacturers across the globe, our knowledge is second to none.

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Wastage is a hot potato

Insight / Food Waste

One potato two potato three potato four, five potato six potato seven potato more. And, if the nursery rhyme continued, it might get to “75 out of 100 are eaten no more”. Read more

35 Years 35 Reasons - Part 2

Our News

In celebration of our 35th anniversary, we are continuing our countdown of the top 35 reasons our customers, suppliers and employees love working with KM Packaging! Since 1984, KM has been at the forefront of lidding films and flexible packaging development, serving the needs of the global convenience food market.  From a core ethos of excellence that spans the full length of the...Read more

This week's wrap-up
A round-up of what's been happening in the world of flexible packaging this week. 
Merry Christmas!
Wishing our customers and contacts around the world a very Merry Christmas and a successful 2020.  We are proud to support the following...
Taxing Matter of Recycled Plastic
Manufacturers likely to be taxed if PCR is less than 30%. Experts disagreed with exclusion of filled imports. Need to bridge gap between...

Lifting the Lid on Plastic: How the “greatest thing since sliced bread” became toast

Insight / Value Plastic

The British Plastic Foundation (BPF) reports that, in 1862, Parkesine, the predecessor of celluloid, was shown at the Great International Exhibition in London.  Parkesine, developed by the British inventor Alexander Parkes, was made from a mixture of... Read more

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