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35 Years 35 Reasons - Part 2

In celebration of our 35th anniversary, we are continuing our countdown of the top 35 reasons our customers, suppliers and employees love working with KM Packaging!

Since 1984, KM has been at the forefront of lidding films and flexible packaging development, serving the needs of the global convenience food market. 

From a core ethos of excellence that spans the full length of the business, from right-first-time delivery and superior product knowledge, to establishing local warehousing on the customer’s behalf, we aim to go above and beyond expectations to develop lasting relationships. 

The deep dive into unique packaging requirements, including life cycle analysis, intended use and localised regulatory standards, gives KM extraordinary understanding and insight into the most suitable options available, ensuring the right product is selected in the first instance and that flexible packaging and lidding films can be leveraged as a competitive advantage by our customers.

KM Packaging understands that the unique needs of our customers are paramount, and we utilise our extensive pool of in-house experience to deliver solutions that perfectly meet the demands of the fast-moving food market.

Maintaining success and growth over 35 years has taken the support of many people across our global operations, which means that to get to the heart of why KM Packaging has built a successful reputation with customers and partners alike, we need to find out first-hand. 

To do this, we asked our partners, suppliers, customers and staff “What sets KM Packaging apart?”:

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“we are unique”
Our combination of skills, industry experience and technical excellence make us distinctively positioned within the industry, able to design, source and deliver complete end-to-end lidding and flexible packaging solutions. This, in combination with our extensive knowledge of logistics and delivery, means that KM Packaging can offer customers a one-stop-shop for flexible packaging and lidding films, regardless of the complexity.

“Very innovative, with first-rate products through complex supply chains, which lowers the risk elements for us.”

“we communicate”
At KM Packaging, we believe that every successful partnership is a collaboration. That’s why we ensure we’re working closely with our customers to understand the unique factors at play in packaging their product effectively. By developing this deep understanding, underpinned by our strategic partnership process GAINKM, we’re able to find the right solution, whether that’s an ‘off-the-shelf’ product or a bespoke option. 

“We love working with KM Packaging because the communication never stops- very clear and engaging.”

“we are customer-focused”
We do what’s right for our customers – not for us! As a customer-first business, we understand the true value of building long-term relationships based on trust and communication, so we want to make sure we’re always providing solutions that deliver value to the supply chain.

“KM understands what it takes to thrive in this sector, which is a keen customer focus. From sending trial reels for testing or crossing continents to solve a problem, KM is always responding to the needs of the customer, as well as the end user.“

“we take ownership of what we do”
Our dedicated customer service department works closely with our commercial and technical teams to ensure agile response times and effective troubleshooting, ensuring we can meet every challenge head-on. The strength of KM’s customer service team is a real point of difference in our markets, providing individual support to customers around the world. Each of our customers has a dedicated service representative, who takes ownership from order placement through to delivery, coordinating across the supply chain to ensure all logistics are handled smoothly.  

“Good sales and support services, taking extra care on all orders and delivering on deadlines.”

“we solve problems”
Since our inception, we have seen a great deal of change in packaging trends and styles, as well as more recently, a growing consumer awareness of packaging and the wider retail supply chain. We’re proud of our business agility, finding solutions that fit every niche and being responsive to change. We understand that no two businesses are the same and in today’s packaging environment, there’s no one-size-fits-all solutions. Our years of experience across different food sectors mean that our offering today is extremely varied, from various tray types, production methods, presentation and storage requirements to unique barrier and contamination requirements; KM Packaging is perfectly placed to solve every food packaging problem! 

“Our go-to experts for all things flexible packaging, KM will always find a way to solve whatever problem we go to them with.” 

“we take care of the detail”
Part of what makes KM Packaging such a standout partner for business is our complete turnkey service. From our impressive track record of delivering solutions, we dig deep into the fundamentals of packaging to offer comprehensive solutions that tick every box. KM Packaging offers a custom service for each unique customer, ensuring all legislative and compliance metrics are met, as well as comprehensive market-specific documentation for our export customers, whether Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF) planning, arranging Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) or anything in-between!  

“The service we receive from KM is excellent. From quick response times to logistics and deliveries, KM makes us feel special.”

“we offer tailored supply models”
No two businesses are the same – so why should your supply chain be? We deliver bespoke supply models from sourcing raw materials, managing print and perforation requirements 
to delivering to your door. We can supply you with end-to-end total cost solutions. We work closely with our customers to ensure we fully understand their forecasted usage, to ensure we are able to maintain consistent supply models, and where and when possible, pipelined supply models. 

“KM manages our pipeline of supply from end to end - meaning we don’t have to worry.”

“we know what we’re doing”
With 35 years in the packaging industry, we’re proud to boast a depth of knowledge and technical expertise that delivers results every time. Our technical knowledge of substrates and their capabilities is unmatched, which makes us uniquely positioned to find innovative packaging solutions. As a fully owner-managed company, our values pervade everything we do – and we’re always aiming to push our high standards to even greater heights.

“KM Packaging builds long-lasting relationships with customers, listening to their needs and offering the ability to adapt. They have the widest range of speciality lidding films, along with the expertise to select the right product for the application.”

“we are conscientious”
Our team carefully researches and analyses the intended processing environment, storage, distribution options and how the product will be used by the end consumer, allowing us to carry out specific performance tests so we can recommend appropriate product specifications.

“The KM team has developed an excellent knowledge in its field and is ready to help us, any time.” 

"we are flexible"
With an overarching view of the wider packaging landscape, we thrive on being adaptable to changing business demands. To ensure we’re able to meet rapidly evolving consumer, demands, we maintain an ethos of agility and consistent development. Whether our customers are looking for a long-term packaging partner or short notice print run, KM packaging can provide the answer.

“KM are ready to support on any situation. We know KM can deliver a product to us on very short notice if we need it.”

"we are experts"
As part of our commitment to constant growth and development, we’ve used our expertise to develop GAINKM, our long-term strategic partnership process. This is comprehensive four-stage investigation into the packaging requirements of our customers on an individual basis, ensuring we can offer a completely tailored solution to meet any business need.

We identify all the relevant information on your current operations and processes, which may include a full production line audit.

Utilising our wealth of experience and broad range of technical solutions, the KM team will create a tailored proposal to suit your application needs. We will also guide you through the environmental and legal considerations required when specifying packaging.

We submit a cost-effective commercial offer designed to save you money, while simultaneously improving the product performance and securing your supply chain.

Nuts & bolts
KM prepares and conducts trials, offers on-site technical assistance, where and when required, and supports your team to achieve a successful qualification result. 

“Knowledgeable staff, always willing and able to help, translating complex information into ‘normal’ speak!”

"our customer service is exceptional"
We pride ourselves on outstanding service, every time. Within KM Packaging, we foster a culture of openness and ownership, where all members of the team aim to impress. This ethos that runs through the business means we build fantastic working relationships at each stage of the supply chain, as well as within our own business department. Exceptional service is so central to what we do that making our customers happy becomes a very personal goal to the team.

“KM are 100% reliable on delivering and usually at short notice - I always have confidence that if KM say they will deliver, they will.”

To find out more about KM Packaging or to find out how we use our experience in sustainable packaging solutions to benefit the supply chain, contact us today. 

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