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Discovering the art and science of lidding films

As published in the latest edition (Oct-Dec 21) of Food Business Gulf and Middle East, the region's highest circulating food magazine.

The art and science of lidding films for food packaging can transform the protection, presentation, and preservation of your products and, ultimately, increase your profits.

By combining the right lidding film with a suitable tray, you will have the perfect solution for your products and consumers.

John Shipley, Business Unit Director of global flexible packaging and lidding films specialist KM Packaging, has told us that the benefits you gain will allow you to:

PROTECT your products

  • With secure seals to combat the rigours of the distribution chain.
  • Providing tamper evidence and security.

PRESENT your products

  • Creating in-store shelf appeal.
  • With technical properties including antimist / antifog.
  • Using printing options to enhance branding.
  • Adding consumer convenience features such as easy peel.

PRESERVE your products

  • Extending shelf life through perforation, MAP and reseal options.

PLUS reduce plastic

  • By moving from clamshell format to a top-sealed lidding solution.
  • Differentiating from your competitors on the tray you use, whether it be CPET, RPET, APET, PP, pulp or aluminium.

The science is in the film

John said: “A great deal of science is involved in identifying the right lidding film.” The factors include:

  • The type of tray being used.
  • The product you are packing and under what conditions.
  • Required technical properties.
  • Your unique presentation preferences.
  • Shelf-life considerations.  
  • Recyclability and sustainability.

If you are to be exact with the science, you need expert support.

John said: “We offer a comprehensive range of lidding film solution that are tried and tested from working with brands, manufacturers, and co-packers worldwide for over 30 years.

“Mono and laminated film structures are available with add-on functionality to meet bespoke requirements, with solutions for most types of tray.”

The art is making the right choice

The art is choosing the right lidding film for your needs, as well as the innovation and creativity used in its development.

John said: “At KM we use our knowledge and experience to ask the right questions and provide the ideal solutions to meet customers’ product packaging requirements, including a secure supply model, and excellent service.”

By combining the art and science of lidding films, you will create the recipe of success for your food product packaging.

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