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At KM Packaging, we focus our efforts on getting to know our customers and their business. Our technical experts have extensive knowledge of the market and can find the right solutions for you. From ready meal lidding films to vacuum skin packaging our products are designed to protect, present and preserve food in a way that reduces waste and enhances the consumer experience. All our pouches and bags are produced with the highest technical integrity within Europe, under BRC and ISO 9001:2015 guidelines.

Pouches and bags

As a market leader in the flexible packaging industry, we are able to offer a diverse range of pre-made stand up pouches as well as flat and side gusset bags for convenience foods and fresh produce. All of our products are designed to protect and preserve food while presenting it in a way that appeals to consumers. Our pouches are bespoke and tailored to our customers’ specific needs.

Features & Benefits

Pouches offer excellent marketing opportunities and differentiation on-shelf with large bill board front and back. Our products are suitable for reverse-printing in flexo or rotogravure in up to 10 colours.

Our selection of pouches and bags are suitable for liquids, powders and solids going into ambient, chilled and frozen supply chains. They can be hot-filled, pasteurised or sterilised for extended shelf life.

Our pouches can be shaped, notched or laser-scored for easy opening.  Additional features include resealable zippers, pour weld spouts and carry handles. These features and benefits greatly improve customer convenience, making our products some of the most desired in the market. Compared to traditional rigid packaging formats, pouches offer great sustainability benefits including a drastic reduction in packaging and overall pack weight as well as reduced logistics, storage and handling costs.

Application Overview

Due to our vast range of materials and sizes available, our stand-up pouches and bags can be used for a large number of different applications. They are suitable for use with both food and non-food items due to their reliable seals and easy-open features.

Our pouches and bags can be hot or cold-filled and because of their weld spouts of 9.5mm, 21mm or 25mm and fitments, they can easily hold liquids as safely as powders and solids, without the risk of leaks or other damage.

Pouches can be designed to cook in microwave and conventional ovens using special film grades and ink systems.


Our pouches can be made from a wide combination of film structures, from simple mono-layers to more complex 4-ply laminates. Structures can incorporate high barriers against water, oxygen, UV and odour as well as increased puncture resistance, transparency or opaqueness.

If you are looking to challenge your existing pouch supplier, or considering switching from rigid formats to flexible solutions, please call KM Packaging today and let us help you find the right solution.

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Our packaging formats

Lidding Products

Our diverse range of lidding films is one of the largest on the market, ensuring we can offer our customers the right solution.

Flow Wrap

With a large variety of flexible packaging options available, KM Packaging has the ideal solution for you.

Skin films

Our vacuum skin films offer premium protection for high-value products across the food industry.

Compostable bio-plastic packaging with similar properties and look and feel as conventional plastic. Includes shrink wrap, stretch wrap, adhesive tape, and bags.

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