At KM Packaging, we understand that extending shelf-life plays a large part in the reduction of food waste. Our lidding films are suitable for perforation ensuring food can stay fresher for longer. We also understand that consumer convenience is important, therefore, we offer perforation suitable for the in-pack steam cooking of produce. We offer a variety of perforation options for our lidding films so if you are looking to extend shelf life or want to offer enhanced functionality we can help.

We have one of the most diverse ranges of lidding films on the market and our constant technological advances mean we can offer more features than ever before.

We work closely with our suppliers to offer an array of perforation options.


Laser perforation is designed to help produce respire and avoid a build-up of gasses in the pack, while macro holes allow for moisture levels to remain balanced within the packaging. Allowing fresh produce to breathe ensures that food is both protected and preserved with greater efficiency throughout distribution and retail display.


Our technicians and sales team are knowledgeable in all of our perforation services and can assist you in making the right decision for your packaging needs.


Call us today to see how we can help you protect, present and preserve your food.

Laser perforation involves the lasering of invisible micro-holes into lidding films to allow the release of atmospheric gases from the packaging.

The perforation pattern required depends on the respiration rate of the product. Our technicians are experienced in working closely with food producers and manufacturers to ensure the exact adjustment is calculated resulting in optimal shelf life extension.

Macro perforation at KM Packaging is achieved through hole punch or hot-needle methods ensuring holes are produced quickly, efficiently and consistently.

Large, visible holes ensure packaging environments maintain a sufficient moisture balance keeping fresh fruits and vegetables in their best condition. With their extensive knowledge, our teams at KM Packaging will help you choose the right perforation solution for your packaging needs. We are dedicated to providing a quality service for all of our customers.

Steam-ventilation helps to improve customer convenience by allowing meals to cook without the need for manual piercing of the lidding film.

With time becoming ever-more limited, consumers are continuously demanding quicker ways to produce their next meal. Steam-vent lidding films allow convenience meals to be placed straight into the microwave providing a hassle-free cooking process while ensuring food is protected through distribution and retail. At KM Packaging, we work with industry experts to ensure we are always bringing the most innovative products to the market, from cross and hexagonal scoring to clustered, targeted perforation. These steam vents replace the need for the manual piercing of films, which many food manufacturers want their customers to avoid for safety reasons.

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Our Packaging Formats

Flow Wrap

Our flow wrap is one of many of our flexible food packaging options available that protects, presents & preserves foods with optional printing and perforation.

Pouches and bags

At KM Packaging, we have been supplying pre-made and reel-fed pouches for the confectionery and snacks market across the globe for many years.

Pouches and bags

We offer a wide range of reel-fed and stand-up pouches and bags to meet your needs

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