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We have developed a diverse range of innovative brands to help meet the needs of our lidding film customers. By understanding your individual requirements, our team can advise you on the packaging solution for your products. We have extensive market knowledge and independent technical expertise, ensuring we continue to stay on top of this fast-paced market.


At KM Packaging we are constantly evolving our KSeal range with new grades being developed on a regular basis. We take the time to find out the needs of our customers so we can ensure we choose the right product for you to confidently fulfil your requirements.

Features & Benefits

KSeal provides the strongest seal out of our range of lidding films, ensuring package contents are kept safe and secure during storage and transit. The weld seal helps to prevent contamination as the lidding film will not peel open and also ensures the package is tamper-proof while on the supermarket shelf.

KSeal helps to greatly reduce food waste with the reduction of leakages and failures and is a great lidding film for high-value foods.

This alternative to our KPeel range boasts many of the same features and benefits including its suitability for microwave and oven cooking as well as its ability to contain chilled, frozen and ambient foods ensuring it remains a convenient and versatile lidding film for manufacturers and consumers alike.

The option to include macro holes, hot needle or laser perforation ensures packages using KSeal can support a range of different atmospheric needs. The ability to print straight onto the lidding film, as well as its superior anti-fog options, helps to improve pack presentation and shelf-appeal ensuring your products stand out from the crowd.

Our KSeal range is available with high barrier properties for MAP application and is suitable for retort, hot-fill and pasteurisation. It is a truly diverse lidding film that protects, presents and preserves contents with great reliability.  

Application Overview

Our KSeal range is suitable for food and non-food applications and it can easily protect liquids, solids and powders.  The KSeal range includes films that can seal to coex and mono CPET, PP and APET trays as well as paperboard, pulp board and aluminium trays.

The many diverse lidding films that make up our KSeal range are suitable for a variety of applications. Our dedicated team have unrivalled knowledge about the suitable applications of KSeal, so get in touch today to find out more. 


We are always testing and developing new grades for our KSeal range and our dedication to solving our customers’ needs through new and improved lidding films is second-to-none.

The KSeal range is available in a range of thicknesses of approximately 15μm to 60μm. We supply films that can include mono, single web polyester based materials and laminates which cater for a variety of different applications.

Our KSeal range is widely used for its outstanding performance. If you’re looking for a lidding film with a robust, reliable seal get in touch today to discuss your requirements and we’ll find the right solution for you.

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