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At KM Packaging, we focus our efforts on getting to know our customers and their business. Our technical experts have extensive knowledge of the market and can find the right solutions for you. From ready meal lidding films to vacuum skin packaging our products are designed to protect, present and preserve food in a way that reduces waste and enhances the consumer experience. All our pouches and bags are produced with the highest technical integrity within Europe, under BRC and ISO 9001:2015 guidelines.

Lidding Products

We have one of the most diverse lidding film ranges available on the global market today. Specially developed to protect, present and preserve, our market-leading lidding films include films with superior peelability, strength and clarity, as well as exceptional barrier capabilities.

Features & Benefits

Our lidding film range is packed with exciting features all of which provide unmissable benefits. Our range of films includes our unique brands KFoil, KPeel, KSeal and KReseal to ensure we can cover all demands of the convenience food and fresh produce markets and cater for ambient, chilled and frozen food packaging requirements.

Depending on your needs, we can offer a range of lidding films that allow for different sealing methods. From extra secure seals for high-value products to resealing functionality to help preserve freshness, our lidding films can do the job you need.

We supply lidding films suitable for use in the microwave, as well as ovenable packaging so food can go from factory to table without having to be opened until ready to eat, the ultimate in consumer convenience and safety.

We also offer the opportunity to add enhanced functions including Superguard to further protect products, easy-peel features for greater consumer convenience and perforation options to improve food preservation without the risk of contamination. Our lidding films can also be produced with additional laminate layers to help fulfil further protective requirements. 

Application Overview

KM Packaging’s lidding films are the perfect choice for so many applications. We can provide reliable products for ready meals through to fresh produce and everything in between. Our films can protect food and non-food items as well as liquids, solids and powders to help prevent waste and ensure food is presented at its best.

Our lidding films are suitable for hot and cold fill applications and can be used in conventional and microwave ovens. We have five unique lidding film brands, each with their own recommended applications.


Our extensive range of films comes in many different materials depending on the tray used or the intended application. Many of our films are PET or PE-based, available as mono or laminates and are suitable for lacquered foil, PP, APET, CPET, paper and pulp board trays.

Many of our lidding films can be enhanced with additional layers to allow for extra barrier, strength or film clarity depending on your needs.

Tray Types

We offer lidding solutions for most types of trays and we have experience and in-depth knowledge of sealing across a wide range of applications to many of the leading brands of tray found on the market today. We engineer lidding film technology for mono and coex CPET, APET, PP and PE as well as smoothwall aluminium and lacquered foil trays. We also offer solutions for pressed board, coated board and pulp trays. 

Our team here at KM Packaging are highly knowledgeable and work closely with you to understand your needs and help you find the right solution.

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Our packaging formats

Skin films

Our vacuum skin films offer premium protection for high-value products across the food industry.

Pouches and bags

We offer a wide range of reel-fed and stand-up pouches and bags to meet your needs

Flow Wrap

With a large variety of flexible packaging options available, KM Packaging has the ideal solution for you.

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