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At KM Packaging, we focus our efforts on getting to know our customers and their business. Our technical experts have extensive knowledge of the market and can find the right solutions for you. From ready meal lidding films to vacuum skin packaging our products are designed to protect, present and preserve food in a way that reduces waste and enhances the consumer experience. All our pouches and bags are produced with the highest technical integrity within Europe, under BRC and ISO 9001:2015 guidelines.

Flow Wrap

Our expertise in flexible packaging technologies combined with our robust global material sourcing capabilities ensures KM Packaging is perfectly placed to supply bespoke and standardised packaging materials for food manufacturers. Alongside our extensive range of lidding films, we offer a variety of flexible packaging solutions to protect, present and preserve foods, with the option to include print and perforation features.

Features and benefits

Our flexible packaging offers excellent barrier solutions for frozen, chilled and ambient food across many sectors, keeping food safe from contamination while helping to extend shelf life. Our innovative designs are also suitable for perforation, allowing contents to stay fresher for longer while also providing steam-vent options during cooking.

Flexible packaging has a wide range of features to help improve pack presentation and shelf appeal. Our range can benefit from rotogravure and flexographic printing and also has the ability to take advantage of our oven ink system for safe use in conventional ovens. Metalisation features further enhance pack presentation and our anti-fog systems ensure food is always displayed at its best.

Our flexible packaging is available as a single web or multi-layer solution, each providing its own set of benefits. Single web packaging is ideal for low-cost requirements and can be recycled where local facilities allow. Multi-layer laminates give us the ability to create bespoke specifications for unique customer requirements meaning we can offer a truly tailored solution.

We can also offer specific seals and high-slip specifications where necessary to ensure optimum performance through sealing machines.

Application Overview

Our flexible packaging range is suitable for both vertical and horizonal form-fill seal machines. We supply solutions for a wide range of food products including meats, fresh produce, baked goods as well as foodservice products such as liquid sachets. At KM Packaging, we can meet frozen, chilled and ambient food storage requirements through the use of various packaging technologies as well as various cooking requirements with the aid of specific printing inks.


Through our global supply chain, we can offer our customers the widest selection of flexible packaging materials available on the market today.

Materials include polyester (PET), polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), paper, aluminium, polyamide (OPA) as well as other sustainable options including compostable solutions with various environmental benefits.

KM Packaging works closely with customers to understand their specific needs. With our experience and expertise in flexible packaging, you can trust us to engineer solutions to meet your needs. Get in touch with us and improve your flexible packaging today.

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Our packaging formats

Pouches and bags

We offer a wide range of reel-fed and stand-up pouches and bags to meet your needs

Skin films

Our vacuum skin films offer premium protection for high-value products across the food industry.

Lidding Products

Our diverse range of lidding films is one of the largest on the market, ensuring we can offer our customers the right solution.

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Our flexible packaging solutions are the perfect partner for your food manufacturing needs.

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