Our Purpose

As a leading supplier to the food manufacturing industry, we ensure our customers receive the products they need, when they need them. Our purpose is to protect, present and preserve food for manufacturers across the globe. With an experienced technical team and a variety of stockholding options, we can deliver the best solution for your packaging needs.


At KM Packaging, we care about your business and that’s why we work hard to ensure our lidding films and flexible packaging can protect your products throughout the entire process, from factory to table.

Not only are we dedicated to protecting food, we also take pride in protecting our customers. Our technical experts know everything about the flexible packaging solutions we supply, from laser perforated films to ready meal packaging. Our extensive knowledge ensures you can rely on KM Packaging to fulfil your packaging needs while reducing the risk of leaks, contamination and not achieving shelf life.

We understand the pressure placed on the manufacturing industry to deliver quality products on time. Our impressive lead times also ensures our customers are protected from product shortfalls, significantly reducing unplanned downtime.


The impact of food presentation is widely known across the industry - that’s why we are passionate about delivering impressive visual products.

We want to help our customers present their food in a way that is attractive, professional and recognisable. Most of our products are suitable for print and our in-house print services team are on hand to manage your artwork requirements. We also offer specialist add-on features for visual superiority including anti-fog films, oven ink technology and our Klarity range.

At KM Packaging, we want our customers to know we care. We don’t rely on answering machines to take your call, our customer service, technical and sales teams are on the end of the line when you need them. We are up-to-date with global market trends and are able to quickly solve your problems to offer cost-effective and reliable solutions.


Our advanced packaging solutions are developed to help preserve food and extend shelf-life across the food industry.

We are passionate about the food industry and our technical team work hard to ensure our products are the best on the market. We want to reduce food waste and have created a range of products, including high barrier films, laser perforated films and vacuum skin packaging to ensure a variety of foods can be preserved for longer using our lidding films and packaging.

Our team is also dedicated to preserving our long-term relationships. We are here to support our customers as they grow, adding new and innovative products to our range so they can continue to improve their products.


At KM Packaging, we are conscious of the impact the food industry has on the environment and tailor our products to help reduce food waste.

There are a number of benefits to plastic packaging when compared with alternative materials. Flexible packaging is lighter than rigid plastic, which helps our customers reduce the weight of their packaging, consume less resources and be more efficient in distribution by delivering more product with lighter packaging.

The features available for our lidding films such as high barrier and laser perforation can extend shelf-life considerably, ensuring food wastage is kept to a minimum. Similarly, our heat sealable films and Superguard features ensure our products have a lower chance of breaking and leaking compared to other lidding films and food packaging, again reducing the amount of food that goes to waste.

We respect and care for the environment. As well as exploring alternatives to plastic, we work with our customers to help downgauge their packaging and, where possible, offer solutions that enable the packaging to be recycled. 

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