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Kosher lid seals the flavour for in-flight meals

Kosher Arabia needed a peelable lidding film to work with their fibre tray. One requirement was for the film to remain sealed during oven reheating to ensure the kashrut status of the food. Discover how we provided the solution.


Kosher Arabia, UAE Kosher Arabia | Premier Kosher Catering Services Dubai, UAE

The UAE’s first major kosher kitchen. Producing hand-crafted food for the travel, retail, hotel, and events market.


K-Peel lidding film


The customer needed a lid to work with their fibre tray. The film had to be peelable, suitable for microwave and conventional ovens, yet remain sealed during oven reheating to ensure the kashrut status of the food.


The KM technical team evaluated the tray in our fully-equipped lab and assessed the information we gained from the customer about the specific application settings, particularly sealing and cooking.

Following the thorough evaluation and testing, our experts recommended K Peel 3G+ lidding film as the best solution.

The lidding film was most compatible with the compostable trays in terms of enabling hot and cold peel, pack weight reduction through light-weighting and being suitable for ambient, chilled or frozen conditions.

Importantly, the film we recommended is also a dual-ovenable film and, therefore, suitable for both microwave and airplane oven heating.  


Our customer said: “We required a film that worked with the dual-ovenable fibre tray. The bagasse tray is still somewhat new in the market.

“KM conducted the necessary testing to ensure the film provided was suitable, with a secure seal, and with the material specification and dimensions ideal for our tray-sealing machine.

“As a UK-based company, KM were proactive in taking all necessary steps to ensure our product was correct before export to UAE. KM were also able to provide the essential material data specification required by airlines.  

“They made sure we had a good seal on the fibre tray, with a film that remained sealed in the oven. This was particularly important to ensure the kashrut status of the food during reheating on aircraft.

“KM were proactive and professional and guided us through the process of sourcing, testing, and preparing a film for our operation.”


K-Peel is a highly versatile range of lidding products that can incorporate many consumer-friendly features. Exceptional sealing performance is standard, with PLUS+ available for more challenging sealing conditions.

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