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We have established a supply model that is low risk, efficient and effective, comprising of a number of certified supply partners from across the globe. From sourcing raw materials, managing print and perforation requirements and to delivering to your door, we can supply you with end-to-end total cost solutions. We are able to offer a flexible and responsive service, which we know is essential for the fast-paced food manufacturing and processing industries.

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Product Engineering

At KM Packaging, we take the time to understand our customers’ wants and needs to ensure we are able to offer a fully tailored service.

By meeting with our customers and finding out first-hand what they really want, we can use our expert knowledge of lidding films, flexible packaging and the manufacturing process to offer the best advice on product specifications.

Our team carefully researches and analyses the intended processing environment, storage, distribution options and how the product will be used by the end consumers, allowing us to carry out specific performance tests so we can recommend appropriate product specifications. We understand that our customers’ new product developments are needed fast. We act quickly to deliver trial reels in days not weeks and will often attend trials to ensure we help our customers run the product at its most effective. Our aim is to deliver a right-first-time product and enable our customers to launch on the market with speed, security and efficiency. We are proficient at solving problems and delivering suitable products and can provide you with in-depth knowledge about any of our packaging solutions.

We offer a standard product range as well as the option to modify our packaging options to meet your own individual requirements.

Engineered by KM Packaging


At KM Packaging, we continue to remain at the forefront of technological advances in the industry, ensuring we always deliver the most innovative lidding films and flexible packaging for our customers.

We are proud of our pioneering background as the first company to market lidding films for smoothwall aluminium trays, which have now become the most commonly used tray for ready-to-roast meals. Since 1984, we have worked closely with suppliers and manufacturers to enable us to bring the most reliable products to the convenience, produce and confectionery markets.

With a team of technical experts working with us at KM Packaging, we understand how films interact and perform within the food manufacturing environment, allowing us to develop new and exciting features for our customers. We often explore the advantages of new materials, sources and suppliers to help bring the best products to the market.

Print Services

Our in-house print management team has the expertise to take your project ideas from conception through to completion ensuring your initial visions become a reality.

At KM Packaging, we use a 24-hour online system to streamline our artwork and print approval process. Fully integrated with our graphics studio, our central system offers customers a reliable way to upload artwork at their own convenience and manage customer specific staged workflows. Our seamless approach and right-first-time design approval process means your print requirements are in the best hands.

Our printing services include high-quality flexographic printing, rotogravure and digital printing, enabling us to meet the demands of a variety of customers. With a dedicated print services manager who fully understands the importance of food presentation, we can ensure that all print work passes our quality standards by being onsite to approve the initial print run. At KM Packaging, we handle all your print requirements so you can concentrate on your business.

Our People

At KM Packaging, it’s our team of dedicated experts who make the process work so seamlessly for our customers.

Our sales and technical teams work closely with clients, building up lasting relationships and providing reliable advice to the food industry. We take the time to visit our customers, enabling us to provide our expertise both onsite and remotely. Our technical team spend their time testing products alongside customers in their facilities or in our in-house lab trialling and testing new solutions for the evolving market.

We pride ourselves on our excellent print management, procurement and customer service teams who take care of all the supply, manufacturing and transport logistics required to deliver to our worldwide customers. To ensure the business runs smoothly behind the scenes we also employ a number of finance and support staff. The team at KM Packaging are passionate about what we do, enabling the company to uphold its leading position in the industry.

Introducing GAINKM

We believe strong relationships form the backbone of any successful partnership and supply chain. As an independently owned company, taking a caring, personal approach is of particular importance, forming the very heart of how we do business. GAINKM is our long-term strategic partnership process. As a conscientious and consistent business partner, we understand how important it is to gain an in-depth understanding of your business needs from the start, ensuring we deliver the right solution for you.

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Gain KM


For over 30 years, we have been managing a global supply chain and can take care of all import and customs procedures relating to your delivery. Our flexible consignment and pipeline stock solutions allow you to spend more time running your business.


We hold large quantities of our products in stock. Using our pipeline stock system, we can streamline the supply model to ensure our customers can rely on us for short-notice stock requirements. We understand the importance of being flexible and responsive in this fast-paced and demanding market. The perfect combination of an effective supply chain and smart stockholding ensures we can offer competitive lead times from order to delivery.


With warehouse options in the UK and overseas, we are able to offer our customers a local service with the experience of a global company. Our warehousing solutions can hold wide width stock and finished consignment stock for greater convenience, ensuring products are always available locally for customers when they need them.

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