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Since 1984, the team at KM Packaging have been constantly innovating to meet the design, performance and high-quality print needs of the confectionery and snack food market. We make the best use of our global reach to provide a tailored solution helping you to protect, present and preserve your quality creations. Our dedicated print team oversees the entire process for small and large batch projects, for both experienced manufacturers and new start-ups. Our secure web-based print specification process ensures our customers can track project process 24/7.

Aluminium Foils

We supply a diverse range of aluminium foils with superior product protection to customers across the globe. As one of our original packaging solutions, aluminium foil remains to this day an integral part of KM Packaging’s offerings. 

Features & Benefits

Aluminium foil has properties that include flexibility, deadfold and printability in rotogravure or digital printing. Embossing with sophisticated patterns and logos is also possible and we have a number of finishes to choose from, ensuring product presentation is always taken care of.

The lightweight structure and excellent barrier against moisture, light and gas make aluminium foil a great choice when it comes to protecting food and the environment as it is widely recycled.

We supply high-strength alloys for high-speed machine wrapping, a process which improves packaging workflow while providing high-quality results. Our foils can also be laminated to paper and plastic films using wax or other adhesives giving these typical packaging materials the added benefits of aluminium.

Foil-paper and foil-film laminates provide high quality and effective twist wrap solutions.

At KM Packaging, we can supply aluminium foils with heat-sealable lacquer coatings, enabling you to package your food reliably and effectively.

Application Overview

Aluminium foil can be used for a wide range of applications, including on its own and as a multi-layer laminate with other packaging materials. Its ability to be a barrier to light, gas and moisture makes it a very adaptable confectionery packaging solution.

Sweets and chocolates, as well as other snacks with an expected lengthy shelf-life, can all benefit from aluminium foils.


At KM Packaging, we supply aluminium foils in thicknesses of 9-20μm ensuring we have the product range our customers need. Whether you want your foil supplied in sheets or reels, we can deliver.

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Our Products


Choose from our wide range of paper packaging solutions and start taking advantage of their great properties including waxed twist wraps.

Pouches and bags

At KM Packaging, we have been supplying pre-made and reel-fed pouches for the confectionery and snacks market across the globe for many years.


Package your products to perfection with our reliable form-fill seal, twist wrap and flow wrap films, suitable for rotogravure, flexographic and digital printing.

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