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We have developed a diverse range of innovative brands to help meet the needs of our lidding film customers. By understanding your individual requirements, our team can advise you on the packaging solution for your products. We have extensive market knowledge and independent technical expertise, ensuring we continue to stay on top of this fast-paced market.


KSkin is a highly protective film specifically developed for use when vacuum packaging food items. We care about preservation and presentation, supplying only the best materials to ensure your products are always displayed at their finest.

Features & Benefits

KSkin is an easy-open film with a firm, consistent peel, improving customer convenience when needing to access products. We supply KSkin in thicknesses designed to help support the stretch and vacuum process during packing while offering a high protective barrier. This range is also suitable for microwave cooking.

By sealing at all points of contact, KSkin greatly improves shelf-life and reduces waste by preserving food, especially fresh meat products, for longer. A tight seal also prevents the contents from moving during storage and transit, ensuring the product is continuously presented at its best.

The use of vacuum packaging for food enables products to be more visible on the shelf. KSkin enables a reduction in the weight of packaging materials meaning manufacturers can save on resource costs while reducing the environmental footprint throughout the supply chain.

KSkin’s glossy features and high clarity top web help to give any product a premium finish.

Application Overview

KSkin is a vacuum packaging film and acts like a protective skin to keep contents safe from contamination. It can be used for fresh, frozen and processed foods with ease and is suitable for microwave cooking.

The flexible nature of KSkin allows low protrusion and super-protrusion products to be packaged securely. It can also effortlessly cope with the covering of boned and sharp-edged products.

KSkin is suitable for a wide range of tray types and a variety of products making it a very popular film for a wide range of customers.


KSkin is available in a range of thicknesses starting at 75μm, allowing you to choose the film that is best for your needs. We also supply KSkin in two specifications to ensure it can be used on a variety of trays. KSkin PE film seals reliably to PE-lined trays and base films while KSkin mono is suitable for non-PE-lined trays and base films including CPET, APET, PP and lacquered foil.

Our experts are always on hand to answer all of your questions and can inform you on the right products for your needs.

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