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Solutions for
soft fruit

We understand the need to develop sustainable packaging designs for the fresh produce market.

We don’t like
food waste

Our team is committed to ensuring our products are a reliable packaging solution.

We are global

For 35 years we have been efficiently delivering our diverse range of flexible packaging products all over the world.

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Compostable bio-plastic packaging with similar properties and look and feel as conventional plastic. Includes shrink wrap, stretch wrap, adhesive tape, and bags.

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Flexible food packaging designed, engineered and tailored to you

Since 1984, KM Packaging has been providing an extensive range of specialist lidding films and flexible packaging worldwide to major and specialist food manufacturers. Our unrivalled knowledge of the market means we understand our customers’ needs and consistently deliver reliable packaging solutions.


continents supplied


product specifications


years of innovation

Protecting, presenting and preserving food since 1984


As a market leading lidding film supplier, we know how to protect your products. From the reliable materials and solutions we offer through to maintaining a dependable supply chain, we’ve got it covered.

We are global

As pioneers in the food packaging market, we have built a strong foothold in five of the world’s continents.

We strive to be at the forefront of global trends and technological developments and our extensive knowledge of the market ensures our customers are always offered the most innovative and appropriate products.

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Setting a global standard in ready meal tray lidding films to satisfy all tests and tastes

Ready … steady … heat … and eat! The hunger for ready meals is unabated and consumers’ appetite continues to be whetted with an ever-increasing selection of...

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