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Guidelines on Recycled Content in Packaging

Wrap-up - 24/04/2020

In this week's wrap up... new BPF guidelines on recycled content in packaging, Covid 19 impact on consumer behavior and the packaging sector, and hats off (and on!) to everyone working in the food supply chain.

Defusing the plastics and packaging time-bomb

The usage of plastic packaging is undergoing fundamental and rapid change. One imperative is the need to push on with "recyclable" films. Industry expert Dom de Ville has explored "Plastics and packaging time-bomb: how should food industry respond?" for Food Manufacture magazine.

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New guidelines on recycled content in packaging

New guidelines, "Recycled Content Used In Plastic Packaging Applications", have been launched by The British Plastics Federation (BPF) in conjunction with the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association (CTPA), and the Food and Drink Federation (FDF).

The guidelines provide answers to questions about measuring recycled content and highlights important regulatory and technical considerations.

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Earth Day message from WRAP

It was Earth Day this week, and the message from WRAP included: "The need to protect our planet is greater than ever, and will remain so after the threat of COVID-19 has passed. Because conserving its natural resources isn't just good for the environment but benefits our communities, our finances, our wellbeing, too."


How COVID-19 will impact the packaging sector

The COVID-19 pandemic has created major disruption in the packaging sector. Financial expert Barry Sheehan looks into the key short and long-term trends that may emerge as a result. 

His conclusions include that: "We are likely to see consolidation in the market as businesses come together to survive and strengthen their market position."


Hey Google Doodle for your workers

Google has recognised packaging, shipping, and delivery workers during the COVID-19 pandemic with a new Doodle.

It features a parcel being sent with images of hearts and joy around a delivery driver. Our thanks go out to all our logistic partners working with us, both in the UK and around the globe, to ensure our products arrive with our customers. And not without some challenges! Well done to everyone. 

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COVID-19 and changes in consumer behaviour

There has been a dramatic increase in online food delivery as a result of COVID-19. That is due to consumers seeking easy solutions and is just one of the changes in recent behaviours. This and more are discussed with Duncan Everett, President & CEO, Consumer Foods, in a new video interview from Kerry.

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Plastic reduction / recycle news and commentary: 

Some 84 tonnes of plastic have been removed from pots in the Tesco creams range by removing over-lids, according to a Product Developer on LinkedIn.

But not everyone thinks Every Little Helps in this case; with comments like: "So now I have to use cling film to overwrap it after I have opened it and return to the fridge for next use. You have just shifted the plastic problem. Unintended consequences!" 

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Do claims on packaging like "100% Recyclable" mislead consumers? Tracy Sutton, Founder and Lead Consultant at FRSA, asked the question in reference to a new pouch from Piccolo. 

Many answered including Paul East, at RECOUP, whose response included: "A fair few similar pouch products are moving to PE only; in the hope that the user will deposit in the PE bread bag / film / carrier bag collection at front of stores. This one is PP; so that does not apply. 

“Some would call this material ‘recycle ready’. But can appreciate how this would just add to the confusion for the most important person here - the consumer."

Read the topic and discussion >>

Hats off (and on) to everyone working in the food chain

We're continuing to work mostly from home and were pleased this week to receive letters of support from partners and customers. One, from Flor Healy, of Samworth Brothers, included:

"I want to thank you and your colleagues for the way you have responded to this crisis situation and supported our business. Together we are helping to keep families and communities fed, including essential workers such as in the NHS."

Thank you. It's much appreciated. Also, realising the importance of on-going communication, we are continuing with our regular team video meetings. In this one, we lightened the mood with a hats theme.

And we take our hats off to our colleagues in the packaging supply chain during these times and all retail and food manufacturing employees.

PS: Join our team as Supply Chain Manager

We are seeking a Supply Chain Manager to be responsible for overseeing and managing our overall supply chain, supply-side logistics strategy, and operations to maximise process efficiency and productivity.

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From the KM team … Stay Safe, Keep up the Good Work, Help Others.


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Striking oil with plastic

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Compostable packaging boost for food waste recycling aims

Compostable packaging is crucial if food waste recycling is to be increased, according to a new report based on responses from experts across Europe.

The report, published by environmental consultancy Ricardo Energy, is being circulated to encourage the Government to support compostable packaging to help meet its food waste recycling objectives and reduce plastic contamination in organic waste streams.

Veganism: Is your packaging animal-free?

Even beyond the throes of Veganuary, more people than ever are choosing to go vegan. Whether for animal cruelty concerns, environmental concerns or simply to try and be a little healthier, people across almost every demographic are choosing vegan options. Between 2010 and 2016, for example, PMMI reported a 25% increase in vegetarian and a staggering 257% increase in vegan global food and drink product launches. This has only continued to rise, with supermarket giant Tesco reporting in October that vegan food had been the fastest growing culinary trend of 2018.  

KM Packaging invests to provide the science behind peel performance

We have enhanced our material testing capabilities by investing in a ProTest machine from specialist food industry machinery provider ProSeal.

The new ProTest machine enables us to reliably analyse, record and report the force required to peel any given lidding film from a tray, establishing if the seal strength and performance is suitable for the intended product’s application.

Meeting the Need for Increased Convenience with KReseal

With the prevalence of snacking between meals noticeably increasing, it’s important for food manufacturers to deliver effective, easy-to-use options that fit into consumers’ busy lives. More and more, consumers want greater choice and variety when it comes to eating, looking not just for an increase in different meal options at home but also a wider array of exciting on-the-go products, such as nuts, seeds and dried fruit. It is therefore vital for food manufacturers to choose safe, functional packaging that offers consumers the convenience they crave.  

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