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With 37 years of experience delivering reliable packaging solutions for food manufacturers across the globe, our knowledge is second to none. Stay updated with our latest news here. 

Lidding Film for New Ready Meal Range

Wrap-up - 03/07/2020

In this week's wrap up ... a new veggie range that's well protected, strawberries hit a sweet spot, colourful packaging that's up for awards, a revolutionary new tray positioning system, how our eating habits have changed during the lockdown, and much more …

New veggie ready meal range is well protected

A brand-new range of oven-bake dishes has been launched by Higgidy. And all the vibrant and veggie goodness is protected using K FOIL lidding film from us at KM Packaging. The anti-fog properties ensure clarity for consumers and the film is effortlessly peeled before heating. 

Higgidy are donating 100% of all profits to the NHS from this new #eattherainbow range. Available now in Sainsbury's.

See the range >>

Strawberry sales bearing fruit

Sales of strawberries have hit a sweet spot despite weddings and Wimbledon being cancelled, according to the BBC. Our K PEEL lidding film, ideal for sealing to APET and pulp trays, keeps fruit fresh and looking great.

Discover packaging solutions for soft fruit >>

Colourful packaging up for awards

The mixed-colour packaging Evolve by Faerch has been nominated as a finalist in both the UK National Recycling Awards and the Plastic Recycling Awards Europe.

Earlier, we featured Evolve and explored the rainbow of trays hitting the shelves as part of our Lifting the Lid on Plastic series.  That fresh look at what's happening in the food tray market includes other initiatives and usage of alternatives to plastic.

Read the article >>

Revolutionary new tray positioning system

A revolutionary tray positioning system has been launched by Proseal. ProPosition™ calculates the required tray-spacing set-up parameters for individual tool-sets, eliminating trial and error from the process.

Find out more >>

Focus on the recycling industry

The goal of Recycling Technologies is "to ensure that capacity for chemical recycling can scale quickly to demand", to make plastic more sustainable, and to beat plastic pollution. 

Their CEO Adrian Griffiths discussed latest projects and plans this week during the BPF-hosted webinar "Future of Chemical Recycling". If you missed the webinar but want to keep up with the latest news from the recycling industry, the Waste Matters newsletter is a good source.

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Banana leaf packaging to help tackle waste

Banana leaf packaging and pineapple powder are among the means planned by one of the world's largest fresh produce companies to eliminate all of its food waste by 2025.

Dole is also exploring the production of new snacks from misshapen produce and converting excess waste into sources of power.

Find out more >>

Eating habits changed during lockdown

Life in lockdown has seen some changes in our eating habits. For example, the BBC has found that snacking and eating with families has increased among young people. And there has been a growing appetite for food supplements, baking products, and tofu.

More about our eating habits and choices >>

Getting to grips with the politics of plastics

The politics of plastics have been rife during the pandemic. Yet one strong message is that the plastics industry and the activist groups share the same goal … to avoid plastic waste ending up in the environment.

The topic "The unfortunate politics of plastics in a pandemic" has been examined from a US perspective this week by Plastic News.


Confusion reigns as plastics ban begins

Confusion has reigned in one of the world's biggest ocean-polluting nations as a new ban on single-use plastics was introduced.

It was reported from one Jakarta market that plastic bags were openly in use due to a local lack of viable alternatives.

Indonesia is ranked second behind China for its volume of plastics that end up in the seas.

Full story >>

Mind your language – plastic terms banned in US state

Manufacturers and suppliers of plastic products have been banned in a US state from using "biodegradable", "degradable", "decomposable", "oxo-degradable", as well as other similar and often misleading terms.

Now, David Robert Newman, Managing Director at Bio-Based and Biodegradable Industries Association, has called for the UK and other countries to take note and copy.


From the KM team … Stay Safe and Keep up the Good Work.

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