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We have developed a diverse range of innovative brands to help meet the needs of our lidding film customers. By understanding your individual requirements, our team can advise you on the packaging solution for your products. We have extensive market knowledge and independent technical expertise, ensuring we continue to stay on top of this fast-paced market.


At KM Packaging, we have been producing reliable lidding films for food manufacturers across the globe for over 30 years. Our innovative KReseal range delivers consumer convenience and improves the life of the product post-purchase, reducing food waste and cost.

Features & Benefits

KReseal improves consumer convenience and reduces food waste. It combines a reliable seal with easy-to-peel functionality and allows the lidding film to be resealed back to the tray.

Our KReseal range can incorporate print designs for improved pack presentation and shelf-appeal using a variety of printing methods.

As a market leading supplier of barrier films for the global food manufacturing industry, the KReseal range has been developed to ensure it can also feature high barrier protection for MAP applications. We are advocates of supporting the environment through reducing food waste and therefore supply films that further extend shelf-life wherever possible.

The KReseal range can also include macro holes, hot needle or laser perforation for advanced packaging solutions.


KReseal is recommended for any product that will benefit from enhanced protection and preservation through a resealable lidding film. It is suitable for cold meats and cheeses, fruits, vegetables, salads and nuts among other fresh produce to help prolong freshness once opened.


A PET-based laminate lidding film, additional layers can include polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), polyamide (OPA) and high barriers. The team at KM Packaging are extremely knowledgeable on our range of films and can assist you to ensure you choose the best materials and specifications for the intended purpose.

If you need a reliable lidding film with resealing properties then you can count on KReseal to do the job.

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