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Our Brands

We have developed a diverse range of innovative brands to help meet the needs of our lidding film customers. By understanding your individual requirements, our team can advise you on the packaging solution for your products. We have extensive market knowledge and independent technical expertise, ensuring we continue to stay on top of this fast-paced market.


As a market leader in the industry, we understand the importance of reliable lidding films and work to ensure our products exceed our customers’ expectations. Specifically designed for use in the oven, our cook-in-pack KOven range is a robust packaging product, featuring Superguard for extra strength and durability.

Features & Benefits

The KOven range is a thermoformable film developed for use with thermoforming machines and is suitable for forming to a depth of 80-100mm.

Its strong seal and material composition ensure products are kept truly secure, improving pack presentation and reducing the chance of waste and complaints arising from leaks or pack failures. The nature of KOven allows marinades to be added to meat and fish products helping to improve consumer satisfaction through heightened flavours and added moisture.

KOven is designed to reduce cooking time and offers increased moisture retention during the cooking process as products do not need to be removed from their packaging.

KOven has also been developed to self-vent during oven cooking meaning direct food contact is not required until cooked and ready to eat. This greatly reduces the risk of contamination but also increases consumer convenience as many shoppers now prefer contactless handling and cooking of raw meats. KOven can be printed with oven safe ink and uses adhesive systems approved for use in conventional ovens.

Application Overview

KOven is designed especially for use in the oven with cooking temperatures ranging from 150oC to 200oC. It is suitable for ambient, chilled or frozen foods such as meat and fish and can include liquid marinades to enhance the taste of the final product.

The full range of KOven films and thermoformable bases can be hot or cold-filled and are suitable for vacuum packaging, further adding to the diversity of the product.


Our KOven range includes both the lidding film and the thermoformable base, eliminating the need for rigid trays and therefore providing a resource efficient solution.

Our KOven Superguard base web is available in thicknesses from 100μm and the top web can be supplied from 37μm.

Specially developed for consumer convenience our KOven range is the packaging solution your customers need. Get in touch to find out how we can help you.

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