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Waging war on food waste

In this week's wrap-up … Waging war on food waste. The lidding films that extend shelf life. Confirmation and challenges of the Plastic Packaging Tax. Growing the recycling capacity of pots, tubs, and trays. How flexible packaging supports a circular economy. And more …



It was Food Waste Action Week, and the challenge was for "everyone to understand the true value of food and waste as little as possible".

Longer life: At KM Packaging, we tailor our products to help reduce waste. For example, our lidding films can considerably extend shelf-life, ensuring food wastage is kept to a minimum.

Lifting the lid: We previously published an article about "Food for thought on tackling food waste", including the stark fact that 200 million elephants are the equivalent weight of food lost or wasted each year. And the BBC has revealed that 17% of the food available to consumers goes directly into the bin.

Top tips: The BBC also had some excellent advice including "We should eat all shapes and sizes" and "Check the use-by dates of fresh food when you buy it".


The details of the UK's Plastic Packaging Tax were confirmed in this week's budget announcement, including it taking effect from April 2022 at the rate of £200 per tonne. A policy paper, Introduction of Plastic Packaging Tax from April 2022, was then published.

PCR Challenges

The tax has created frustrating challenges including the fact that, for trays containing food that is intended to be heated with the lidding film kept on, it is not currently possible to produce a heat-sealable lidding film with any recycled material due to food contact legislation. 

We examined the issues on our article “The challenges of PCR in lidding film for high temperatures”.

Also, the BPF has reminded us that:

  • The tax will apply to packaging that is predominantly plastic (by weight) that does not contain at least 30% recycled content.
  • The only exemptions include imported transit and tertiary packaging, cellulose, and licenced medical packaging.
  • The tax will be paid by the plastic packaging component's final converter before it is sold to the packer-filler or user, unless that business falls below the 10-tonne de minimis level.


  • Standards practice: Earthcycle has met essential standards for home compostability in Australia.
  • Bearing fruit: A reminder that fresh fruit producers could achieve a 90% plastic material reduction by moving to a pulp tray sealed with KPeel lidding film.
  • Recycling recycling: Faerch has continued to grow the recycling capacity of pots, tubs, and trays. This includes recycling their own cutting-edge Evolve range, made from collected and recycled bottles and trays and especially suitable for ovenable ready meals.
  • Supermarket shelfies: i2r shared a few "shelf-shots" of their packaging.
  • Moral fibre: Proseal UK highlighted the benefits of Huhtamaki's fibre-based, home compostable Fresh tray.
  • Trend-setting: We're still setting a global standard in ready meal tray lidding films to satisfy all tests and tastes.



Cadbury has announced it is changing the packaging of its Freddo chocolate brand in Australia to help raise awareness for endangered frogs.


  • Your flexible friend: The latest animation from FPE looks at how flexible packaging supports a circular economy beyond just recycling.
  • Bigger is better: New research has found shifting from small to medium-sized plastic bottles could reduce plastic waste.
  • Green isn't green enough: Sprite is going clear to make the bottles more recyclable.
  • Pouch that's no slouch: FEI Foods has launched a recycle and retort-ready mono-material polypropylene (PP) flexible pack that maintains the mechanical properties of a conventional stand-up pouch.


Australia has launched its National Plastics Plan to:

  • Reduce plastic waste and increase recycling rates.
  • Find alternatives to the plastics that are not needed.
  • Reduce the amount of plastics impacting the environment.



Watch our new video to discover how we've been driving lidding film innovation to bring you more than just a packaging solution. It's been 37 years in the making and is just over a minute long!


From the KM team … stay safe, keep up the good work, and value plastic.

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