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Plastic Packaging and the Supermarkets

In our latest wrap-up ... PLASTIC PACKAGING and the supermarkets, the BBC, in perspective, in the circular economy, and in the news.  A hard look at soft fruit, counter-terrorism policing and customer service, and more …

PLASTIC PACKAGING and the supermarkets

  • Lidl has expanded its commitment to reducing own-label plastic packaging, targeting a 40% reduction by 2025.
  • Iceland is calling on other grocery chains to publish their "plastic footprints".
  • Co-op's Packaging Technologist Rob Thompson responded to Iceland on LinkedIn saying: "We already have a single way of reporting. We call it the #ukplasticspact."
  • Ian Perkins, of Faerch, added to the Iceland debate by sharing a LinkedIn post that "the bigger the 'plastic footprint' in packaging, the lower the CO2 emissions".


National Flexible are vexed by the Beeb's initial response to their complaint about its "anti-plastic bias". They say: "The BBC employs over 22,000 people, the public pay some £3.7 billion in licence fees, yet it cannot respond to complaints inside one month."

PLASTIC PACKAGING in perspective

  • Why do we need it – the important functions that plastic serves in our modern lives.
  • What the experts have to say – discussing everything from the impact of the proposed Plastics Packaging Tax to forecasting plastic leakage. 

PLASTIC PACKAGING in the circular economy

  • The CEFLEX Position Paper entitled "Accelerating the circular economy for flexible packaging – a recommendation for recyclable mono-materials" is now being made available.

And in the news …

  • As also featured in Packaging Europe and other publications this week, we have launched a new range of mono-polymer material lidding films, made from polypropylene (PP). The lidding films are ideal for the packaging of poultry, meat, and chilled prepared foods and are designed for recyclability.

HARD LOOK AT … soft fruit

  • Packaging Automation have revealed that their retrofitable soft-seal function for tray-sealers "dampens and cushions the impact during the seal cycle to give reduced energy consumption and protects your soft fruit from damage".
  • Proseal have provided a presentation showing advances in top sealing and how these innovations have benefitted the soft fruit industry.
  • Here at KM Packaging, we have published a focus on innovative packaging solutions for soft fruit.


  • Aluminium copper and white trays that i2r Packaging Solutions say are "looking absolutely amazing in M&S".
  • Our own K Foil, a range of lidding films suitable for sealing to coated aluminium trays and uncoated foil trays, with weld and peel options.

And finally … 

Plus … Counter-terrorism policing and customer service 

So, what do sky-diving, yoga, and counter-terrorism policing have to do with customer service at KM? They enrich the profiles of three of our team who are taking on exciting new roles.

Meet Katie, Ann, and Nora >> 

From the KM team … stay safe, keep up the good work, and value plastic.

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