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Recycling Multi-layer Films with Nylon

In our latest wrap-up ... recycling multi-layer films with nylon, success in the American berry packaging revolution, a world where plastic never becomes pollution, new British standard for biodegradable plastic, deals and meals, and more …


Recycling multi-layer films with nylon

Mono-material films designed for recyclability may have been grabbing the recent headlines, but this week has revealed the news that multi-layer films with nylon are recyclable, too.

The story from BASF on "mechanical recycling of polyamides in multi-layer film structures" has been grabbing attention. And it has acted as a reminder that polyamides in flexible packaging deliver significant benefits for protecting and preserving our food.

As Pedro Serra, BASF's Head of Sales Polyamide & Precursors, published on LinkedIn:"There is more than one solution for recycling! Different materials are needed because of their functions in the packaging to preserve the food.  Let's work together to find the best ways for a circular economy."

Nylon is used in film laminates for the following reasons: 

  • As a barrier to extend shelf-life.
  • For extra strength to ensure puncture resistance.
  • To improve peel performance. 

Success for Proseal in American revolution 

Proseal are being praised for their role in the success of a US berry packaging revolution. They have been involved in an innovative project to move packaging from clamshells to film-sealed thermoforms; as part of a strategy to use 100% recycle-ready packaging by 2025.

Sugar beet paper is a world's first

A Dutch manufacturer is about to become the first in the world to produce "sugar beet paper" on an industrial level. The new food-contact-compliant product line from Crown Van Gelder requires less usage of water, reduces CO2 emissions, and replaces 20% of wood fibres with sugar beet pulp.

Declaration on punnets made from recycled PET

ILIP has published its very first Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) on its fruit and vegetable punnets made from recycled PET.

Skin packaging for ready meals

Packaging Automation have highlighted that skin packing may be the latest ready-meal trend.

Barrier-laminated polypropylene trays going in the right bin

Barrier-laminated polypropylene trays can now be placed in household recycling bins down under, having gained APCO approval.


Packaging Pact launches roadmap to 2025 

The South African Plastics Pact has launched its roadmap to maximise the benefits of plastic packaging with ambitions targets set to be achieved by 2025.

A world where plastic never becomes waste and pollution

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation has this week re-iterated the need "to eliminate the plastic we don't need, circulate the plastic we do need, and innovate at unprecedented speed, and scale to create a world where plastic never becomes waste and pollution".

New British standard for biodegradable plastic

A new British standard for biodegradable plastic is being published. Scientists say it will cut through a jungle of classifications that leave consumers confused.


  • Asda has been purchased from Walmart by the billionaire Issa brothers, from Blackburn, in a £6.8bn deal. The new owners have promised to invest more than £1bn in the business over the next three years as well as continue to offer low prices across its stores. 
  • Food-to-go manufacturer Around Noon has acquired healthy convenience food firm Simply Fit for an undisclosed amount, in a bid to diversify its range and expand its reach in the UK and Ireland.
  • A flurry of plant-based product launches this week include Meatless Farm's first entry into the frozen food category, three new Morrisons products from Oumph!, and Spanish brand Heura's UK debut.


  • Curries ... It's National Curry Week. See what's on the menu as we celebrate Britain's love affair with curry. 
  • Comics education ... A comic-inspired campaign titled "Masters of Infinity", to educate primary students about recycling, has been launched by Alupro, representative of the UK's aluminium packaging industry.
  • Characteristics we value ... From Clever to Creative, we share the characteristics that we highly value, and our customers have their say. All are using the character that US President Benjamin Franklin campaigned to have removed from the alphabet.

From the KM team … stay safe, keep up the good work, and value plastic.

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