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Paying More for Sustainable Packaging

In this week's wrap up ... paying more for sustainable packaging, carbon labelling, changing the conversation about plastics, coping with demand during the crisis and we'll meet again ... 

Most people will pay more for sustainable packaging

The majority of consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging, according to new research.

And nearly a quarter of the 74 per cent who said they would pay more indicated they were willing to accept an increased cost of at least 10 per cent.

The research, from Trivium Packaging, also found that 65 per cent of consumers associate plastic with ocean pollution.

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And the majority support carbon labelling on products

Two-thirds of consumers support carbon labelling on products, according to a new international survey of more than 10,000 consumers.

The 2020 YouGov survey, commissioned by the Carbon Trust, also revealed that 64 per cent of consumers said they are more likely to think positively about a brand that could demonstrate it had lowered the carbon footprint of its products.

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Emissions would increase without plastic packaging

Studies have shown that greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions would increase if other materials were used instead of plastics packaging.

This is just one fact, shared by the BPF, which emphasises the environmental benefits of plastic packaging. 

The BPF also advise that, without "single-use" plastic packaging, food waste would increase, more energy would be used, and higher carbon emissions would result.


Can we turn the tide of plastic packaging? 

Reusable takeaway cups and compostable packaging are among the more innovative products examined in a new video from the Financial Times. The video is based on visits to three companies:

  1. Nestle … committed to 100% of its products being recyclable or reusable by 2025.
  2. Cupclub … supplier of washable, take-away cups for businesses. 
  3. Vegware … provider of plant-based compostable foodservice packaging.

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Changing the conversation about plastics

An online resource has been established to "change the conversation" about plastics. This is Plastics says: "We’re empowering you with the truth about our industry and a material that makes a positive impact.”

The website is US-based, but it’s packed with interesting and useful information.

Visit the website >>

12 ways coronavirus is impacting consumer behaviour

Consumers are looking to create moments of indulgence at home, order more groceries online, and buy more healthy products amid the coronavirus pandemic.

According to a new report, based on insights from market research company FMCG Gurus, the 12 ways the coronavirus is impacting consumer behaviour also include a preference for:

  • Technology to help personalise their nutritional needs.
  • Reassurance that they are getting maximum value for money.
  • Products that help stave off the threat of disease and illness later in life.

Read more in Candy Industry >>

More normal shopping habits return

Online grocer Ocado says "more normal" shopping habits are back after a huge jump in demand amid the coronavirus lockdown.

Its customers are now purchasing fewer items than at the peak of demand, with the balance between fresh and long-life food returning to normal.


Stepping up to meet the pandemic pressures

Suppliers throughout the food supply chain are stepping up to the mark to meet the pressures imposed by the coronavirus pandemic.

Within the tray-sealing sector, they include:

  • Proseal, whose fast-response service is enabling food customers throughout the world to maintain production and output at a time of greatly increased demand.
  • Packaging Automation, whose support for the NHS includes machines to seal ventilator parts.

Supporting communities during Covid-19

Companies are also doing what they can to provide support at a local level. 

One good example is food group Samworth Brothers who have been providing Soreen malt loaf and Ginsters pasties to hospitals and charities supporting those in need, as well as plus delivering in their Leicestershire heartland to the NHS and local community organisations.


Coping with demand during the crisis

More than 20 per cent of plastic packaging manufacturers are unable to fulfil all their orders due to the impact of coronavirus, according to a new survey. And around half of the respondents reported corona-related restrictions.

Here at KM Packaging, we have been able to weather the storm. We hold stock, our teams are working effectively mostly from home, and we continue to successfully provide service to our customers, partners, and logistics companies all over the world.

We’ll meet again

We believe that good communication is one of the key reasons we have been able to continue to provide quality service. Before the restrictions of the coronavirus crisis, we would physically travel to visit customers in all our global markets.

And, this weekend, we would normally be in Germany meeting contacts and customers at InterPack, one of the biggest packaging fairs in the world.

For the moment, these meetings are occurring in other formats and from different places, including via video screens at home.

Today is VE Day, so it’s perhaps appropriate to recall the words of the famous wartime song: “We'll meet again, Don't know where, Don't know when, But I know we'll meet again some sunny day.”

And, for now, we will continue with Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime, or whatever other means of communication works best for you to meet your business needs.


V is for VE day and Vacation for our team who have been working around the clock to support food manufacturers around the globe.

Our offices will reopen on Monday, 11th May. 

We have also donated to the British Legion to mark VE day.


If your May Day holiday is hotting up, have you ever wondered how Viennetta Ice Cream is made?

From the KM team … Stay Safe, Keep up the Good Work, Help Others.


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