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Single-use Plastics are Saving Lives

In this week's wrap-up ... how single-use plastics are saving lives, the weekly shop is back in fashion, how plastic and packaging reduce food waste, top award for recycling film and how the KM team is bearing up.

Single-use plastics are saving lives

Creators of single-use plastics are helping the human race to survive the coronavirus pandemic, according to a Sunday Times article "Hail the plastic-maker, our heroes' true hero".

It reveals the material is crucial for the single-use PPE that keeps medics safe. And that the industry is working around the clock to keep up with demand; with more than a billion items of PPE already having been delivered within the UK since February.

Regarding any concerns about possible pollution from the disposal of the gloves, visors, aprons, and masks, we're told official guidance to medical users states: "Infectious PPE must go into clinical infectious waste streams, usually for incineration."

Top award for recycling film

A prestigious award has been won by Radley Yeldar for their Recycle Week 2019 campaign film for WRAP and Recycle Now.

The film, that includes the message "Recycling is not a chore, it is a simple, revolutionary act that can change the world," won the Bronze World Medal in the "Sustainable Development" category at the New York Festivals International TV & Film Awards.

Watch this powerful video >>

Chemical recycling could be pollution solution

The chemical recycling of plastics could be the solution to pollution, especially for problem materials in physical recycling such as thin films and micro-plastics, according to a senior scientist.

Dr Orbaek White, writing in The Conversation, said: "Chemical recycling breaks the plastic down to the molecular level, making available 'platform molecules' that can then be used to make other materials."

Read the article >>

How plastic and packaging reduce food waste

The value of plastic and packaging was a consistent theme on #stopfoodwasteday. As we shared in our article "Food for thought on tackling food waste", plastic packaging has a strong role to play by protecting food and extending shelf life.

This message was emphasised in a video from ALPLA, including the fact that, with the right packaging, food waste can be reduced by up to 75 per cent.

Read our article >>
Watch the video >>

New guidance on Best Before dates

WRAP has published new guidance underlining the fact that food past its "Best Before" date remains safe to eat for some time, depending on the type of food and if it has been stored correctly.

It reveals that food can be eaten days (e.g. bread), weeks (e.g. apples and crisps), months (e.g. biscuits and cereals) or even years (e.g. dried pasta and canned food) after the Best Before date.

The guidance urges people to look beyond the Best Before date so no food surplus goes to waste.

Read the guidance >>

BPF release sustainable design report

The British Plastics Federation (BPF) has released a report that describes the decision-making processes involved in developing new, sustainable plastic packaging, including a set of "principles for eco-design".

The report states that sustainable packaging design can mean designing to prioritise one or more of the following:

  • Ease of recyclability.
  • Resource efficiency.
  • Inclusion of recycled content.
  • Reuse.
  • Environmentally beneficial consumer behaviour (such as portion control to prevent food waste).

Find out more >>

Plastic Tax – delay to consultation confirmed

The Government has confirmed a delay to the current Plastic Packaging Tax consultation from 20 May until 20 August. The extension will give all stakeholders, who are facing disruption due to Covid-19, more time to submit their views and allow them to fully engage with these documents and contribute to the tax policymaking process.

More information >>

How the packaging industry can navigate the coronavirus pandemic 

A three-step plan that can help packaging companies through the coronavirus crisis has been released by McKinsey & Company. It includes:

1.    Navigate the now

A packaging player can create a crisis-response nerve centre that can steer the organisation and serve as the core information source.

2.    Plan for the comeback

Leadership teams in packaging companies should build a recovery strategy that will include a mix of financial resilience, operational plans, and strategic customer-focused moves.

3.    Shape the next normal

Packaging-company leadership teams should assess which shifts are getting underway in customer and consumer sentiment and which behaviours may stick after the crisis.

See the detail >>

The weekly shop is back in fashion

People have reverted to making one big weekly trip to the supermarket, according to Tesco Chief Executive Dave Lewis.

He said that Covid-19 social distancing measures have led consumers to shop less frequently and more in line with the shopping habits of 10 years ago.


The KM community – a little help

We asked Corby Urgent Care Centre if there was anything we could supply or help them with. And we were delighted to fulfil their request for tea, coffee, biscuits, snacks, and squash for their staff.

We were also pleased to be able to supply brown paper for scrub patterns to a local team of volunteers.

The KM people – bearing up

Teddy bears were the theme of this Thursday's company video meeting! As our newcomer Pete missed last week's company pic … here he is with his teddy bear "Ron J".

Last week, we held a Zoom quiz. And we're pleased to share that Rachael Bowie was the winner.


Low pay does not equal low value

If coronavirus is forcing a rethink of how we work, it should also force us as a society to rethink what kinds of jobs we value, including delivery drivers, fruit pickers, and supermarket checkout staff, according to a senior stakeholder lead at the CIPD.

Read what Katie Jacobs has to say >>

VE Day UK 

Please be advised that our office will be closed on Friday 8th May in recognition of VE Day.

From the KM team … Stay Safe, Keep up the Good Work, Help Others.


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