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Latest News Wrap-Up / 06/12/2022

Support grows after soft plastics recycling program suspended

In our latest Wrap-Up … Support grows after soft plastics recycling program suspended. New EU packaging sustainability targets. Standardised PCR trust mark in development. Big firms set to miss plastic sustainability targets. Government releases new EPR guidance. And more …



A groundswell of support has grown for REDcycle following the suspension of its soft plastics recycling program in Australia.

REDcycle has also welcomed the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s conditional authorisation for the major supermarkets to collaborate in a Soft Plastics Taskforce.

Meanwhile, the first in a series of trials of kerbside collection of soft plastic packaging has begun in Victoria as part of the National Plastics Recycling Scheme (NPRS) project, which is led by the Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC).

At KM Packaging, we are continuing to work closely with our customers and partners in the region to understand the landscape and deliver sustainable packaging solutions, including non-PET lidding films, mono PET solutions, and PCR films, as well as compostable films.


The European Commission has revealed landmark plans to introduce new targets to reduce packaging waste, implement reuse systems, and boost the use of recycled material across all packaging formats.

One critical element is a change in a legal instrument, which would turn the current directive into a regulation.

However, 360° Foodservice, an association representing the food service packaging sector, has accused the Commission of going too far too fast.


Joint venture drives state-of-the-art facility

An advanced plastic waste sorting and recycling facility is to be developed in Germany as part of a joint venture between UK-based LyondellBasell and 23 Oaks. Wind and biomass energy assets will power the facility. It will be able to recycle most types of plastic materials, including multi-layered food packaging items or mixed plastic containers.


Top prize for new decontamination process

A new process for decontaminating post-consumer polyolefin films has gained global recognition and a £2.4 million prize for circular solutions in flexibles.

The vision of COtooCLEAN is to "fill the gap and achieve circularity for food-grade films by converting post-consumer film waste to the highest value recyclate that can be used in new films with recycled content for food contact applications."

Standardised trust mark and labelling in development

ProAmpac has partnered with the non-profit Recon2, a University of Manchester spin-off company, to support a patented technology quantifying recycled content in plastic products and packaging.

In conjunction with OPRL, a standardised trust mark certification and labelling strategy will inform customers about the post-consumer recyclate levels.

As we reported last month, an increasing number of organisations are using PCR in their packaging, including Nestlé. It is moving to 80% recycled content in its two-finger KitKat packaging and using the ICSS mass balance approach.

We can provide customers worldwide with a comprehensive offering to meet their PCR requirements.

The range of products has both peelable and weld-seal PET PCR lidding films. And there are solutions suitable for sealing to cPET, Mono CPET, aPET, rPET, PP and foil trays (uncoated and lacquered). In addition, anti-fog is available, and the PCR films are vegan-suitable.


  • Flexible value: The flexible packaging market will be worth £256 billion by 2027, according to the new market research report.
  • Paper trail: Mars Wrigley is rolling out new paper-based packaging for its Mars Bar, Snickers and Milky Way chocolate bar lines in Australia.
  • Organic cuppas: ASDA has introduced plant-based packaging to its own-brand tea bags in a move that it said will allow 550 million products to be disposed of in kerbside food waste bins.
  • Crunch time: The BBC has looked at how some of the biggest – and smallest – names in crisps are facing the challenge of adopting plastic-free packaging.


Frugal families choose frozen

Households are switching from buying fresh food to cheaper frozen goods as the cost of living bites into budgets, the boss of Tesco has said.

This is backed up by Proseal, who have revealed that, in recent surveys, the frozen food sector has been said to be ideal for consumers to offset some of the effects of the cost-of-living crisis.

Proseal have also taken the opportunity to remind us why tray sealing is perfect for frozen food and the convenience market in general.

Tests to reduce plastic

Packaging Automation have shared how they are helping customers reduce plastic packaging in the fresh produce sector, putting NETPAC to the test.

New development boost presentation

We’ve also discovered some interesting new packaging development from Torus Pak for the presentation of ready-meals.


Seaweed solution shortlisted

A start-up that has developed a seaweed-based biodegradable alternative to plastic has been named as one of the first UK finalists of the Prince of Wales’ Earthshot Prize.

Notpla are shortlisted in the category “Build a Waste-Free World”, awarded to efforts to eliminate food waste, single-use packaging and inspire a new generation of people, companies and industries to reuse, repurpose and recycle. 

They have recently launched seaweed-coated packs with grease and water-resistant properties.


  • Thumbs-up for climate benefits: Proposed new European Commission packaging rules acknowledge the environmental and climate benefits of compostable plastic packaging.
  • Compostables that don’t: A citizen scientist project has found that 60% of “compostable plastic” doesn’t compost.
  • Paper pods: Nespresso has launched a paper-based home compostable coffee pod. The pod was created using “unique high precision technology” that enabled the conversion of wood fibres “into very complex shapes”.
  • Approval in the bag: Our partner Treetop Biopak has shared news of our C-BAG being approved by PELA for use in Lomi kitchen composters. You can visit our website to find more information on our range of compostable products, developed in partnership with Treetop Biopak.


  • Missing the targets: Big food and beverage firms are set to miss their plastic sustainability targets, according to a progress report. It is also revealed that some companies are using more virgin plastic despite a pledge to reduce its use.
  • Struggling to deliver: Aldi is struggling to deliver on its sustainability commitment of making all own-label packaging recyclable by the end of 2022.
  • Baking off plastic: Tesco has committed to reducing plastic packaging for its in-store bakeries.
  • Paper on trial: M&S is rolling out a trial to use paper bags in a select number of stores to reduce its plastic usage.


The Government has released guidance on how to collect your packaging data for extended producer responsibility (EPR).

You can also refer to our Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Insight Guide.


  • Export ban urged: A cross-party group of MPs have urged the Government to ban the export of all plastic waste within five years and for all such unwanted materials to be recycled, reused or composted by 2042.
  • Export ban slammed: Waste management company Veolia says an all-out ban on plastic exports would “sacrifice the legitimate recycling market” for a globally traded commodity.


Check out the Christmas ads of 2022, “Bringing joy and nostalgia but treading carefully in the midst of economic gloom.” And see the sunnier side of how it’s done down under with Woolworths and Coles.

From the KM team … stay safe, keep up the good work, and value plastic.

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