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Latest News Wrap-Up / 10/05/2022

‘Urgent actions’ for flexibles and the circular economy

In our latest Wrap-Up … ‘Urgent actions’ for flexibles and the circular economy. Supermarket seeks alternatives acceleration. A flavour of what’s new instore. How smart packaging may reduce waste. Challenge of tracking the recycling of soft plastics. Examining the benefits of the Plastic Packaging Tax. And more …



The Ellen MacArthur Foundation has identified 21 urgent actions needed regarding flexible packaging and the delivery of a circular economy.

The actions include to:

  • Exhaustively identify and action opportunities for direct elimination.
  • Create a supportive policy landscape for innovation (e.g. introduce subsidies, bans, EPR).
  • Radically improve packaging design, particularly shift mono-materials for the >40% of flexibles that are currently multi-material.
  • Set separate recycling targets for flexibles.
  • Finance improvements in infrastructure, tech, and tools through large infrastructure investments.
  • Roll out holistic waste management legislation, including inclusive EPR legislation.

This work was developed in collaboration with an expert panel consisting of more than 100 organisations, including relevant expert organisations and NGOs, Plastics Pact lead organisations, and members of the New Plastics Economy initiative.


  • Open and shut case: Reclose lidding film that meets all the requirements of fresh produce grower in New Zealand.
  • Pasta parcels: Compostable zipper bags are the ideal ingredient for a fresh pasta delivery service.


  • Healthy growth: A new plant-based meal kit brand, The Flavourists, has hit the shelves of Waitrose, Booths, and Ocado. The brand is backed by major British food manufacturer Samworth Brothers and claims its plant-based meal kit innovations – which feature our K-Peel lidding film  – will inspire consumers to discover the joy of creative cooking.

    K-Peel was also the recent choice of Love Yourself, a direct-to-door meal delivery company who needed a reliable lidding solution that matched their ethos.

Supermarket seeks alternative acceleration

Tesco has asked suppliers to go further and faster in removing plastic where alternatives are possible.

As a part of its 4Rs packaging strategy – Remove, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Tesco is seeking alternate solutions such as an increase in loose or unpackaged products, greater use of concentrates, and reusable and refillable packaging.

Tesco’s suppliers have also been asked to continue to refer to the retailer’s colour-coded guidelines for preferred packaging materials and formats.


Can new technologies and changing habits help reduce food waste? Packaging Europe has sought the answer, including the potential offered by “smart packaging” that can tell us when food is safe to use.


Chemical attraction

A vision and principles paper on “Chemical Recycling in a Circular Economy for Plastics” has been developed by members of The Consumer Goods Forum’s Coalition of Action on Plastic Waste.

It highlights that chemical recycling is the only way to recycle large volumes of flexible plastic packaging into food-grade recycled content (under current European regulations).

Flexible support

Sirt Mellema, CEO of Fuenix Ecogy Group, has shared his insights on how advanced chemical recycling can support the needs of the flexible packaging sector and helps us understand the current challenges, and future trends.

Tracking waste

The challenge of accounting for the recycling of soft plastics has been highlighted in a recent investigation.

Digital trackers were placed inside plastic items and deposited in Tesco’s recycle collection bins. One thing apparently showed up at a Turkish domestic waste processing site weeks after being deposited in store.

Exports ban

The UK must stop dumping plastic food wrappers and drinks bottles in poor countries, says the Environment Agency’s chief executive. Sir James Bevan has called for a complete ban on all waste exports.

Circular team USA

A partnership of leading global businesses and research institutions has been formed to catalyse a regional circular economy for flexible films and packaging materials in America’s Upper Midwest.

This new initiative says it will expand film recycling infrastructure and the supply of recycled resin for use in new products, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and curtailing waste.


The Government’s new Plastic Packaging Tax is a “half measure” that “won’t be enough” to tackle the crisis, environmental campaigners have warned, according to National World.

The publisher has also further examined the tax and how UK plastic waste compares to EU countries.

In case you missed them …


  • Organic illustration: European Bioplastics have illustrated why they believe organic recycling is a clear benefit when plastics are mixed with bio-waste.
  • Compostable acceptance: A survey has found that compostable bags made from renewable raw materials gained broad consumer acceptance.
  • Bags of freshness: Fresh produce grower Strawberry Fields are harvesting again and benefiting from our compostable C-Bags.
  • Bearing fruit: Scientists claim to have developed a food packaging material from pineapple waste that can increase shelf life.


  • Single-minded: Sustainable Packaging News has asked: “Can paper be a viable alternative to plastic flexible packaging?” And their answer is: “It depends on the application. However, the focus should be on reducing our reliance on single-use packaging, regardless of materials.”
  • Hitting the bottle: Wine in bottles made from 94% recycled paper has gone on sale in the UK. The Guardian has assessed its palatability.


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From the KM team … stay safe, keep up the good work, and value plastic.

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