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The rapid and creative evolution of circularity for ready meal packaging
If something evolves or you evolve it, according to Collins English Dictionary, it gradually develops over a period of time into something different and...
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Exploring the science, facts and fiction of plastics
Dr Chris DeArmitt, world-class plastic materials scientist, and author of The Plastics Paradox. Talking exclusively to John Shipley, Business Unit Director for...
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Lies, damned lies, and the statistics of plastics
In the Wrap-Up this week … Lies, damned lies, and the statistics of plastics. Recycling first for pet shops. Are we ready for the Plastic Packaging Tax?...
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Listening to customers is our stock in trade
Some years before he reached for the stars with Virgin Galactic, Sir Richard Branson said: "Success comes from listening to your customer." We...
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Compostable bags solution ends search for fresh produce growers
Strawberry Fields Organic Farm grows an extensive range of "inspirational vegetables and herbs". But, after 46 years of organic growing, they had...
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In-store recycling comes to the scrunch
In the Wrap-Up this week … Co-op rolls out in-store recycling of flexibles. Environmental labelling system due to launch. Retailer lists problematic and...
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KM News and People / Company Announcement
Jamie Close, Financial Director, KM Packaging
Message from Charles Smithson, Managing Director. With great sadness, I must inform you of the death of Jamie Close, Financial Director of KM...
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Insights / Blog
Supermarkets lead the way with shop-and-drop recycling points
Supermarkets are leading the way by providing customers with shop-and-drop facilities to recycle their flexible packaging.
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