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With 37 years of experience delivering reliable packaging solutions for food manufacturers across the globe, our knowledge is second to none. Stay updated with our latest news here. 

Green Benefits of Tray Sealing

Wrap-up - 19/06/2020

In this week's wrap up ... the green credentials of tray sealing, a visit to the test kitchen, updates from United Fresh Live, an amazing career from apprentice to MD, a guide to plastics classifications, and how demand has taken cheese off the shelves …

Green benefits of tray sealing

Sustainability is a key by-product of the quest for speed and efficiency in the packaging of fresh produce. And the green credentials of tray sealing have been highlighted by Proseal. The benefits are shown to include:

  • Reduced plastic consumption.
  • Food safety.
  • Extended shelf life.
  • Energy saving.

Read more detail >>

Visit the kitchen

If you want to know more about tray sealing, you can view a video filmed at Proseal America's test kitchen. Technical Packaging Specialist Anna Prochaska guides you through the art and science of tray sealing including tool changeovers and peel-ability, and burst testing. 

Watch the video >>

Virtually view the show

The fresh produce industry's first-ever virtual event and trade show in the States took place this week. You can catch up on Proseal's daily updates at United Fresh Live! 

See the updates >>

Apprentice to MD … Neil's career journey

Food packaging, virtual reality, and cycling are among the diverse range of topics discussed this week by Packaging Automation's MD Neil Ashton as he reflects on his man-and-boy career with the company. He joined Joe Handsaker in an episode of "Interesting People on Zoom Having a Brew".

View the conversation >>

Guide to plastics classifications and an industry challenge

From bio-based and plant-based to biodegradable and compostable … do you know your plastics classifications? Here's a chance to brush up your knowledge with a guide to polymer terminology in the packaging industry.

As well as explaining the classifications and sustainability of plastics in packaging, this article presents a challenge … the need for uniformity to aid recycling efforts while not compromising packaging performance.

Find out more >>


Black Lives Matter: race in our industry

Black founders spoke frankly this week to The Grocer about the difficulties encountered in their entrepreneurial journey due to the colour of their skin, as well as what the food and drink industry can, and should, do to encourage diversity on and off shelf.

Read more (registration may be required) >>


Unilever has committed to reduce a large portion of its emissions to zero by 2039 with the most challenging task being carbon labelling all its products. More >>

WRAP's "Love Food Hate Waste" campaign has inspired 31% of people to adopt good food management behaviours. More >>

A pilot project of recycling flexible packaging in the US has produced successful results. It demonstrated that flexibles can be collected, sorted, and baled at a material recovery facility. More >>

A spotlight has been shone on recent innovations in chemical recycling as well as collaborative efforts and prospects for the technology. More >>

Plastics Recycling Charity RECOUP'S Conference has been postponed. More >>

A series of free "Plastics Resources & Recycling" webinars are being held by Recoup. More >>


Consumer demand has forced Saputo Dairy UK to withdraw its Cathedral City Extra Mature cheese for a number of weeks. More >>

Tofu specialist The Tofoo Co is increasing its production capacity by 70% despite what is seen as a "tofu phobia" in the UK. More >>

Asda has announced it is removing more than 24.5 million plastic forks from its store-brand salad meals and protein bowls, an equivalent of 41 tons of plastic. More >>

From the KM team … Stay Safe, Keep up the Good Work, Help Others.

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Recycling Roadmap for Flexible Packaging

In this week's wrap-up … FLEXIBLE PACKAGING and a recycling roadmap, viability of mechanically recycling, new circular economy consortium, and the future of sustainability. Survey reveals the best and worst supermarkets. Updates from the tray sealing world. Our views and news. And more …

Konrad is boxing clever with customer service

He might like to duck and dive in the boxing ring, but Konrad Webster doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to delivering customer service here at KM Packaging.

Superpowers of film that protects, presents, and preserves

If the packaging world had a superhero, its name would most likely be "FOIL". In its aluminium form, this super material has a range of properties that make it a formidable force, particularly when used for trays in food packaging.

C is for ... our high value characteristics

Benjamin Franklin campaigned to have it removed from the alphabet. It can sound like “ess”, “kay”, and “shh”. On its own, it could be centigrade, a century, or a computer language. In fact, since the days of ancient Rome, the letter “C” has been changeable, curious, and central to some confusion.

But, for us, “C” leads into six of the characteristics we value the most highly. 

Superpowers of film that protects, presents, and preserves

If the packaging world had a superhero, its name would most likely be "FOIL". In its aluminium form, this super material has a range of properties that make it a formidable force, particularly when used for trays in food packaging.

That Was The Year That Was 2020

That was the year that was: From the impact of the COVID-19 crisis and our industry's response, to reinforcing the value of plastic. From spinning the wheels of the circular economy, to discovering new packaging ideas and innovations. 

In this annual wrap-up:  We look back at 2020 and forward to the future.

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