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With over 35 years’ experience delivering reliable packaging solutions for food manufacturers across the globe, our knowledge is second to none. Stay updated with our latest news here. 

This Week's Wrap Up


Our round-up of what's been happening in the world of flexible packaging this week. 

Flexible packaging’s key role in prevention of waste

Flexible packaging is a more effective route to resource efficiency and reducing carbon footprint than using rigid packaging formats or focusing entirely on recycling, according to an updated study by the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (ifeu).

The study’s scenario showed that, by substituting all rigid packaging of non-beverage FMCG at the EU level, the amount of primary packaging waste could be reduced by 21 million tonnes per year (a 70% reduction).

Read the detail from Flexible Packaging Europe >>

Future of the plastic recycling market

The future of the plastic recycling market will mostly be a combination of mechanical recycling, depolymerisation, and pyrolysis, according to a recent report from Lux Research. And waste availability will determine which becomes dominant in a specific region.

The research looks at four streams of recycling technologies, what they are, and analyses the factors impacting the economic viability of each. 

View the infographic and download an executive summary >>

New compostable plastic packaging guidance

WRAP has published new guidance to help businesses make informed choices when considering the use of compostable packaging.

Based on the products and infrastructure that are currently available to packaging designers and specifiers, the guidance identifies key applications and opportunities for compostable plastic packaging.

Read the guidance from WRAP >>

The challenges of PCR in lidding film for high temperatures

We have published an informative article about Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) content in lidding films for use in high-temperature applications such as the heating of ready meals. We spoke with our partner Mitsubishi Polyester Films to discover more about the challenges.

Dr Cynthia Bennett said: “The characteristic that makes the seal peelable - a lower glass transition temperature - makes this layer far more permeable to contaminants.”

Read the article in full >>


Faerch has published a video on why material choice matters in food packaging.

Watch the video >>

We should eat more “weird vegetables”.  The Head of Nutrition at Freshly has told us why.

Discover why in four minutes >>

Missed the recent BPF "is plastic sustainable" video? 

Watch on our website >> 

We’re hiring! You could be our next Technical Services Manager. 

Find out how >>

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