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New roles for our talented trio

Sky-diving, yoga, and counter-terrorism policing may not have been on the job spec, but they enrich the profiles of three of our team members who are taking on exciting new roles within the company.

Ann Hau has been promoted to Materials Controller, Katie Puckle is stepping up to the newly-created role of Customer Service Team Leader, and Nora Volgyi-Beke is now a Business Support Representative.

In their new roles, each will support customers and help provide a strong platform to facilitate further international growth.

Ann is replacing Claire Meads who is retiring at the end of the year after doing great work at KM, including streamlining our international supply chain and developing stock management work systems.

All customer service reps now report into Katie who, in turn, reports to Amanda Taylor, Customer Service and Procurement Manager. Ann also reports into Amanda.

Pushed to new limits

Katie said: “Being at KM has allowed me to grow as a person, professionally and personally. The support has been incredible.

“My new role allows me also to take on extra responsibilities, and I will be managing a great team of individuals. I will also play an active role in training current and new members of the group. 
“Plus, I like to bring some humour and lots of cake!”

When not supporting our customers, Katie is a keen baker. She revealed: “I’ve completed a challenge from every episode from the last two series of Bake Off. The KM office reaps the rewards of this!”

Katie also likes a good challenge and being pushed to new limits, having previously skydived and abseiled down the Northampton Lift Tower to raise money for charities. And she is looking forward to eventually getting married … Covid-19 has already twice delayed her wedding!

Best career move

Home is where the heart is for Ann Hau, and she said: “Family is most important, so keeping the work and life balance and still achieving my goals is paramount.”

Ann joined our customer service team three years ago. She said: “This was my best career move. Not only was I welcomed to the KM family, but the professional method of approach is also very satisfying.”

In her new role, Ann is keen “to organise and smooth the process of material required to match customer and business needs."

And, when she can find some spare time, Ann enjoys yoga and pilates. She also likes travelling although confesses: “I have no sense of direction but am extremely proficient with Google maps!”

Nora Volgyi-Beke is also well-travelled. In fact, she arrived here from Budapest, in Hungary, where she was a police officer liaising at the Counter Terrorism Centre.

She said: “I collaborated with embassies, international organisations, and Europol. And I now enjoy using that experience at KM to offer support to colleagues and provide customer service.”

Creating internal harmony

Nora is also a qualified Hatha Yoga instructor, and various members of the KM team attend her early morning and evening sessions.

She said: “As we increase our physical elasticity, sense of balance, and physical strength, we also create internal harmony.”

That’s the kind of harmony that has helped our talented threesome to develop as key members of the KM team. 

Graham Holding, Commercial Director, added: “Katie, Ann, and Nora deserve these opportunities to progress their careers. We value their commitment, and I’m sure they will strongly contribute to the efficiency, effectiveness and excellence of our operations and customer service.” 

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