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Major roll-out of recycling points for flexibles

In this week's wrap-up … Supermarket’s major roll-out of recycling points for flexibles. Catch-22 of the Plastic Packaging Tax. Tension grows in the polymer market. Report: Food packaging v food waste. Take-outs from the Future of Packaging summit. And more …



When it comes to recycling, every little helps. And Tesco is now helping in a big way by rolling out permanent in-store recycling points for soft and flexible plastics.

Beginning with a fantastic 171 large Tesco stores across Wales and the South West of England, Tesco is hoping to host the recycling points in all of its large UK stores. That would make it the largest network of recycling points for this type of plastic, which typically is not collected by councils.

This follows the news last month that Sainsbury's was to trial a new in-store recycling system for flexible plastics in 63 of its stores.


There is a frustrating Catch-22 surrounding the Plastic Packaging Tax, details of which were confirmed by the Government last week. 

The problem is that, for trays containing food intended to be heated with the lid kept on, it is not currently possible to produce a heat-sealable lidding film made with a recycled material approved by EFSA (European Food Safety Authority).

We have explored the Catch-22 in a new article published today.


Tension in the European polymer market is growing and threatening food, pharmaceuticals, and medical supplies.

Deliveries of all suitable polymers to the industry have become unpredictable in terms of volumes and time of delivery and jeopardise many production plans.

According to Flexible Packaging Europe (FPE), the concentration of "force majeure" declarations or "maintenance" announcements by the leading polymer manufacturers in Europe has created sudden and significant shortages along with unjustified price increases. 


A new report has highlighted that, in the drive to reduce plastic packaging, it is essential to ensure that potential alternative materials do not impact food waste.

The report, "Food Packaging Versus Food Waste" is sponsored by Ishida Europe and focuses on the food industry's challenges and opportunities to become more sustainable.

Also, the BPF recently reminded us that food waste has at least 10 times the environmental impact of packaging waste, and that's before taking account of the effect of methane from decayed food.


Pooch boom causing pouch gloom

Supermarkets have warned of a shortage of dog and cat food pouches following an "unprecedented" rise in pet ownership during the lockdown.

ALDI unveils sustainability goals

ALDI has unveiled an aggressive approach in the US to lower emissions, reduce waste, and increase recycling. Its aims include converting all of its own-brand packaging to reusable, recyclable or compostable materials by 2025.

Recycling innovation is key

The need for recycling innovation, especially for plastic materials, has never been greater, according to an opinion piece from NOVA Chemicals. It also states that advanced recycling technologies have the potential to transform today's approach to "reduce, reuse, recycle" by helping us achieve a more circular economy for plastics. 

PLUS … We've joined up down under 

We have become a member of APCO (the Australian Packaging Covenant). We're proud to have joined more than 1500 other members that share a common agenda - a commitment to reducing our packaging's environmental impact.


Appliance of science

Did you know the first truly synthetic plastic was Bakelite and it completely revolutionised every industry present in modern life? Here's your chance to learn more about the science behind how plastics are made, as part of Science Week.

Seeing into the future

Did you know flexible packaging offers packaging solutions for more than 50% of food products in Europe? Here are four key take-outs from the Future of Packaging Online Summit 2021.


From the KM team … stay safe, keep up the good work, and value plastic.

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