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With over 30 years’ experience delivering reliable packaging solutions for food manufacturers across the globe, our knowledge is second to none. Stay updated with our latest news here. 

Introducing ovenable flow wrap

We have extended our KOven range of films with new features and benefits for food manufacturers around the world. 

With increasing consumer focus on food safety, our new ovenable flow wrap products ensure foodstuffs can go from supermarket shelf to plate without needing to be directly handled. 

The enhanced films are suitable for oven or microwave cooking, comfortably withstanding temperatures up to 225 degrees Celsius (435F). Manufactured from polyester based laminate with innovative ovenable adhesives and inks, the films can be printed using our OVEN INK high definition flexo technology. This gives food manufacturers two key benefits: 

•    Excellent on-shelf presentation and display.
•    Savings on packaging weight and waste. 

This extended range has undergone rigorous testing to ensure the safety of the cooked food it contains. 

The films are designed for use on flow-wrapping machines or can be supplied as pre-made bags enabling food manufacturers to easily seal whole meal and portion controlled meat, fish and sauce based products into pouches suitable for conventional ovens. Products can go straight from the chiller cabinet or freezer into the oven and will also safely self-vent steam during cooking without the need to puncture the film. 

The ovenable range is credited with speeding up preparation and cooking times, reducing cooking odours and also retaining moisture in the products as they cook ensuring maximum flavour enhancement. Meats and fish packed with sauces also effectively allow the contents to marinate while packed and during cooking. 

If you are looking for ovenable films that provide simple, clean preparation, reduced cooking times and clear, attractive packaging then get in touch with KM Packaging today to discuss your requirements. 

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