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Brekkie Idea is a Cereal Killer

This week's wrap-up - 12/02/21

In this week's wrap-up …  Weetabix brekkie idea that's a cereal killer. Megatrends shaping the food industry. Increased focus on sustainable packaging. Spotlight on meat-free and ready-meal lidding films. Dates for your diary. And more …


Brekkie idea is a cereal killer

Weetabix created a stir this week when they shared an unusual serving idea for their breakfast favourite. They tweeted an image of two Weetabix on a plate, covered in baked beans. It was accompanied by the text: "Why should bread have all the fun, when there's Weetabix? Serving up @HeinzUK Beanz on bix for breakfast with a twist."

Fans were in – mostly tongue-in-cheek – uproar and other brands entered into the spirit including Tesco who called the suggestion an "illegal combination in the bagging area". 


Doing more with less – from packaging to production and distribution – has been identified as one of six megatrends shaping the food industry.  The increasing sustainability message was highlighted in a report titled The Food Company of 2050 that also included: "Corporate statements and greenwashing will not suffice in the future."


We’re likely to see an increased focus on sustainable packaging this year, according to a look at trends in 2021 and beyond

Allisson Spence, creative director at Seymourpowell, said: "What will be different this year, we hope, is more consideration for the usability of ‘green packaging’."


The lockdown period has seen a growing appetite for direct-delivery meal kits from everyday comfort food selections to gourmet spreads.

As reported in the US, suppliers are already taking action intending to sustain post-pandemic demand. And, to help meet more immediate hunger pangs, Cosmo has given us a guide to the "Best recipe box and meal delivery kits in the UK right now".


With the record-breaking Veganuary behind us, we have looked at how the meat-free world has moved on and shared information on our complementary lidding film solutions


If foil is the superhero of packaging, K Foil lidding film is the trusted sidekick, completing the range of superpowers. We have highlighted the key features that also make it ideal for the ready-meal market, including grades suitable for oven, microwave, and pasteurisation.


The packaging hero is said to be the food itself in the branding of a new fresh convenience range for Coles supermarkets in Australia. The idea is to "address the consumer tension between being time-poor, but still wanting to eat food they don't feel guilty about feeding themselves and their family".


Growing market: The market for plant-based confectionery is predicted to grow this year, including Mars' recent introduction of vegan versions of its Topic and Bounty bars.

Vegan question: Moo Free has asked the question: "Would you be more likely to buy vegan chocolate from a vegan chocolate company or from someone like Galaxy?" The answers include: "I buy both and decide on the taste which one I'm going to continue with.  There may be some movement on that if the company isn't ethical in some way."

Eggs-pelled plastic: The Co-op has announced it's removing the plastic packaging from its Easter eggs as part of its commitment to eliminate unnecessary plastic from its own-brand ranges.


Convenience should be redefined as "ease of use without waste", according to Willemijn Peeters, of sustainability consultancy firm Searious Business. And, while sharing her opinion on packaging waste, Willemijn says: "There's nothing wrong with plastic in itself, the issue lies with the system managing plastic and how users deal with it."


The UKRI is to fund large-scale sustainable solutions to plastic packaging challenges. It has announced the opening of a new £16 million funding competition, Demonstrator Projects Round 2, the aims of which include the development of a more sustainable plastic packaging supply chain.


From the KM team … stay safe, keep up the good work, and value plastic.

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